Samuel Tate Goudie

Exploring new ways to tell stories.
I've spent my life finding ways to express and connect, fascinated with technology, systems and people. I direct award winning XR projects at PHORIA, and develop my own original games and stories.


  • Ecosphere

    PHORIA approached to create original VR nature documentary series after work on REWILD, as well as other natural immersive content. I architected the initial content delivery application, led design and development to deliver across three years, delivering multiple content updates.

    Ecosphere season 1 : Lead designer and developer

    Journeys and UN Updates : XR director

    Stats: 800k+ downloads, 4 stars, 3 major updates

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  • Mt Resilience

    Worked with ABC to develop a concept for showing resilient cities and weather events. Developed creative, technical and content strategy with ABC. Lead creation of art, and software development, using WEBXR to deploy application in AR via the web.

    Role : XR Director

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    Rewild is an AR application developed to support the Our Planet series. I acted as design lead, developed initial concepts with Directors, presenting to Google, WWF, and Netflix. Ran design workshops on-site at Singapore Google HQ. Delivered storyboard, UX and design iterations across Netflix PHORIA and Google. Developed front end and supported in game design, and on site installation in NYC.

    Role: Senior Immersive Experience Designer

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    Wellness application, lead design and development at PHORIA, partnered with MHO. Completed initial prototype development for trial phase. Proposed vision for full system, engaged to create 3 complete experiences platform for delivery. Nurtured project across multiple stages, preparing for release to App Store.

    Clinical trial phase : trial lead designer and developer
    Public release : XR director

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XR as an extension of human consciousness, game dev as devotional art, writing to see more clearly
My work spans short stories, independent video games develoment, as well as long form essays and writing. With each project I learn more about the tools, the world, and myself.

Ends of Time

VR Adventure game created as a space to imagine a better future, to picture humanity on the other side of its growing pains. The people are in balance with the earth, their own tech, and each other. It follows Sheena, a young one, who finds a radio reciever to a distant past, where a young voice asks nervously - 'how do we win the war'. Sheena wants to help, but she doesn't know what war is.

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  • Ends of Time - Part 1

    Sheena fluttered down between the cliff faces. The emerald river rushed up towards her. Little imperfections turned into bursts of stone, the undulating green into waving grass that pushed either side as she pulled up from her dive, and alighted off her wind scooter.

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  • Touchy Feely

    Touchy Feely is a hand tracking experience, created to explore ways of conveying touch, and our connection with our hands in virtual spaces. It uses sound, color and fx to simulate different sensory memories. It was featured in PC Powerplay indie edition, from the article 'The hands are beautifully detailed and touching a cactus can look very different to patting a dog. There's something fascinating about having the ability to give (yet not receive) touch.'

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  • Energy becomes information

    Cryptocurrencies as they currently exist have a huge carbon cost compared to their current actual utility. They account for .55% of our global carbon footprint, and while they promise to serve many purposes, right now they use a non-negligible amount of carbon so Redditors can gamble. However, there are persuasive arguments that cryptocurrencies could drive the adoption of renewables.

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  • The Dopple

    ‘Hey honey, look who’s up, yes it’s you little sleepy head! Today’s the big day, 7 years old! Come down stairs. Before the party there’s someone I want you to meet.”

    ‘Are we doing presents now?” Jack rubbed his eyes, seeing his mother turn from fog to familiar.

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  • Market Research

    This tea is too hot. I’ve had a long day, I have to see my wife tonight, so I’m in a rush and I don’t have time to drink hot tea. I know I’m supposed to write important things down in this journal. But all I can think to write about is my tea. It’s aromatic, which is nice, it relaxes me, but I can’t drink it. It smells so good, but I can’t drink it because it burns my tongue.

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  • Digging Simulator

    Digging Simulator was a game released in 2020, exploring VR interaction mechanics. It has 10k downloads, 4 star reviews on sidequest. While being a simple experience, a focus on satisfying interaction and well designed game systems has lead to a well rounded experience.

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  • Why Australia Will Lose a Cyberwar

    "We have reached the stage at which the internet has been weaponised," Jill Slay, Director of the Australian Centre for Cyber Security (ACCS) wrote in October. She was referring to the proliferation of mercenary hackers around the world now available at low cost to anyone, from foreign governments to terrorists.

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  • Intern

    Richard sipped nervously at his seven-eleven coffee. He sat on a bench, watching the trams rattle down the center of Bourke Street, filled with people with somewhere to go. He’d like to be preparing for his interview inside a warm cafe. But with only a few dollars in his pocket, a three dollar coffee on a park bench would have to do.

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  • A Thread Unbroken

    I cradle my drink, or at least the analogue of it. I haven’t really been able to ‘drink’ anything in the traditional sense for the past three thousand years, but that’s why I come here. They map you at the door and simulate your memetic concept of a relaxant. To me everyone is a humanoid, drinking some sort of liquid.

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  • Meet the Artist Recreating Psychedelic Experiences with Virtual Reality

    At the age of 21, Roger Essig smoked DMT and experienced something he's been trying to replicate since. At first he used oil paints and digital media to capture his vision, before turning to virtual reality about three years ago.
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